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What is the use? Possible asset (re)valorisation strategies for Adkhs

By Carolina Beovic

The visiting foreigner goes through several different layers of discovery, each adding up to a different postcard while getting to know the province of Tata.

The landscape is very similar to certain Latin American landscapes.  The distances, the dryness, the valleys, the light, and the construction materials make the experience strangely close to the Chilean North. This place however has not yet been exposed to mass tourism. On the contrary, it has seen many men leave for the cities, and it contains a community that has remained there preserving their customs. The population has been moving gradually towards the outskirts of the town to larger and more separate buildings, leaving behind the old town, where the Mosque, Granary, and a semi-abandoned village centre hold great picturesque attractive, but also visible and important cumulative destruction.

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